About this Blog

This blog aims to explain Advanced C++ concepts with simple examples. I found that sometimes programmers can learn the concepts very easily with a well written and commented code rather then going through hundreds of book pages.

All the code examples mentioned have been written and tested on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

The code conversion from C++ to HTML has been done via C++2HTML by Jasper Bedaux

The blog is mainly used as notes for myself and couple of my colleagues who sometimes have to go through the process of writing, testing and reviewing code in C++.

The best way to nevigate this blog is through the Labels on the right hand side. The labels list the blogs by C++ topics.

Please feel free to contribute you ideas and suggestions via the comments. If you want to write an article on a particular topic then please create a post in Word document and email it to me at zahidtg (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will add it giving you credit.